Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Music Collection

CD Cover

First issue Second issue
Columbia COCC-9896 Columbia COCX-36146
Released May 1, 1992 March 17, 2010 (HQ CD)
2800 yen 2500 yen
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This first soundtrack released for Sailor Moon includes numerous themes that would continue to be used in R, S and SuperS. Like many anime soundtracks, not all musical cues were included (this Anime News Network article may help explain). Additional music cues from this season were released on the Sailor Moon Music Collection: Extra Version and the Memorial Music Box, Discs 1 and 2. Tracks 2-9 of this CD are found in the same order on Music Box Disc 1 while track 10 is split over tracks 30, 2, 3, 12, 8 on Music Box Disc 2.

Track List / MP3 Downloads
1. Moonlight Densetsu (“Moonlight Legend”)
Performed by DALI / Lyrics
2. Atashi Datte Futsuu no Onnanoko (“I’m Just an Ordinary Girl”)
3. Hontou ni Erabareta Senshi Nano? (“Am I Really Chosen to be a Soldier?”)
4. Hoshizora wa Mysterious (“Mysterious Starry Sky”)
5. Otchokochoi wa Uumaretsuki (“Scatterbrained By Nature”)
6. Koisuru Otomekokoro (“Feelings of a Girl in Love”)
7. Dareka ga Nerawareteiru (“Stalking Someone”)
8. Yumemiru Odango Atama (“Dreaming Dumpling-head”)
9. Yuugure Toki wa Youma no Yokan (“Premonition of Demons at Dusk”)
10. Moon Prism Power Make Up!
11. Heart Moving
Performed by TAKAMATSU Misae / Lyrics