Sailor Stars Prologue & Poem – Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno

Prologue and Poem for Ami Mizuno from Sailor Moon Sailor Sailor Image Single (Ashita mo Mata Jitensha)

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  • Scenario by Naoko Takeuchi
  • Composition by Noboru Ookado
  • Performed by Aya Hisakawa
  • Translated by Kurozuki

The sky I see looking through the astronomical telescope is like a very, very clear river. I think it’s because of the music angels play at the ends of the starry sky.

I am Mizuno Ami. I am the soldier of knowledge, and I carry the protection of the planet of water, Mercury. I am Sailor Mercury.

Please, listen softly to the clear, quiet music flowing through the sky.

The dreams of thousands of stars. The sighs of hundreds of millions of those with life. In there lies the hidden philosophy. In my singing Mercury Harp, as well, there is the melody of love and war…

Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up! Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!! I am the sailor-suited pretty soldier of love and intelligence, Sailor Mercury!


  • Scenario by Naoko Takeuchi 
  • Composition by Yuu Tagami
  • Performed by Aya Hisakawa
  • Translated by Kurozuki

Oh, the end.

When I finish reading a book, my heart spreads out like a plain. I also have a loneliness like I’m going to look back without being able to feel excited anymore. At those times I turn another page.

I wonder how vast the world can be. I wonder how many variations there can be in the words people have.

But… The one I finished reading now was a very, very short and small love story with just a few words.

Everyone who passes by everyday on the street corner forgets likes it’s ordinary.

Before school in the classroom, I go through the still-young heroines.

In the crowds in buildings in the evening, I search for secret love partners I can’t tell to anyone.

When the day ends and I’m in bed, the words I’ve softly repeated so many times.

I wonder what kind of book I’ll read tomorrow. A biography would be nice. So would putting together a dictionary of countries I haven’t seen yet in the library.

But I’ll buy another mountain of thin paperbacks at the bookstore, and put in my favorite bookmark at the park.

Good night. Sweet dreams.