Ai wo Shinjiteru

“I Believe in Love”

  • Lyrics by TAKEUCHI Naoko
  • Composed by ARISAWA Takanori
  • Arranged by Allie Watz, Kaji Makoto
  • Performed by MITSUISHI Kotono (Usagi)
  • Translated by Kurozuki
  • Original Japanese lyrics at WikiMoon

Usagi’s Sailor Stars prologue and poem

Japanese Lyrics English Lyrics
Oozora hirogeta mugen no tsubasa
Hikari matotte ima habatakou
Ashita e…

Anata no mune kao uzumete ato
Sukoshi isasete ne
Onna no ko de irareru hodo hora
Okubyou ni naru no konna ni

Muzan na shiuchi yurusenai no
Massugu ni hitomi wo muke

Hitori da keredo
Oozora tobitatsu no
Tsubasa ippai
Chikara abite

Shirubaa muun kurisutaru pawaa
Yuuki ataete ne
Tatakau koto ga
Ai no akashi to shinjite

Anata no mune natsukashii koe
Tooku tatakau no hitori hanarete

Dare mo
Shi ni yuku koto yurusanai kara
Massugu ni kao wo agete

Yume wo shinjiteru
Minna wo shinjiteru
Tsubasa ippai
Yuuki mitashite

Shirubaa muun kurisutaru pawaa
Dare mo hitori ni shinai
Tatakau koto ga
Ai no riyuu to shinjite

Eien no yume
Mitsumete ne MOON

Shirubaa muun kurisutaru pawaa
Dare mo hitori ja nai
Ai wo shinjiteru
Unmei no kizuna

Iku oku sen man no toki wo koete yuku
Shinpi no kiseki de
Watashi no mune tsutsunde…

Spread across the sky, my infinite wings
Wearing the light, now I’ll flap them
To tomorrow…

With my face buried in your chest, let me
Stay like this for a bit
I am acting like such a girl, you see
Becoming so cowardly and afraid

But still
I can not forgive horrible treatment
Stare straight into my eyes

I may be alone but
I fly off into the sky
All of my wings
Bathing in power

Silver moon crystal power
Give me your courage
I believe that
Fighting is the proof of love

Your chest and your familiar voice
Fighting far away, separated from each other

I will not
Let anyone go forth toward death, so
Lift your face straight ahead

I believe in dreams
I believe in everyone
All of my wings
Filling with courage

Silver moon crystal power
I won’t make anyone alone
I believe that
Fighting is the reason for love

Dreams of eternity
Gaze at them, moon

Silver moon crystal power
Nobody is alone
I believe in love
The bonds of destiny

Crossing over hundreds of millions of years in time
Enveloping my heart
In mysterious miracles…

Prologue for Eternal Sailor Moon/Tsukino Usagi

  • Scenario by Takeuchi Naoko
  • Composition by Miura Kouji
  • Performed by MITSUISHI Kotono
  • Translated by Kurozuki

Hey now! You weeping, heart-broken girl there. You’re being shy and timid, little girl. Being troubled by life, living in worry… Sai Baba-sama may allow it, but I won’t!

I am the sailor-suited pretty soldier of love and justice, Sailor Moon, and in the name of the moon, I’ll punish you!

By far the most beautiful of the ten members of the sailor team, and famous around the world! Focus of the longing of boys throughout the galaxy! Unrivaled in the world, I am Sailor Moon!

And then my other form, the eternal beautiful girl of the Moon Kingdom, the Silver Millennium! Princess Selenity is I, Tsukino Usagi-sama! Ahahahaha!

What? What’s wrong, everyone? Don’t give me the silent treatment!

Did I say something wrong? I don’t think I did. Oh! You want to know why I’m so cheerful and loud, right? It’s because yesterday I pigged out on cream honey bean paste balls (the cream was just vanilla). I love them!

Oh, hold on, that’s not it. The source of my cheer is that I have the nine sailor soldier allies I rely on, and the future husband to whom I’ve vowed my eternal love, my wonderful, kind sweetheart. Right, Mamo-chan?

(Mamo-chan, that’s what I call him. And Mamo-chan calls me Usako! Mamo-chan… Usako… Haha!)

Oh! That suspicious look! Are you saying I’m not reliable? You want somebody else?

Well, I can’t score as well on tests as Ami-chan, I don’t have inspiration like Rei-chan, I’m not as good at cooking as Mako-chan, I can’t say puns like Minako-chan, but…

I may not look it, but I’m a perseverer! Leave things to me!

If I’m not cheerful, there’s no way I can make the ones I love cheerful, right?

And if I don’t eat lots of delicious food and pump up my muscles, I can’t protect the peace of Earth, right?

Oh, it’s almost 7 o’clock on Saturday! Dinner time!

All right!!

With mom’s food, and the TV on, my cheerfulness goes up a hundred times! The peace of school, and the peace of my family, and the peace of my sweetheart, and the peace of the universe, I will protect them all together!

Time to eat!

Yes! Energy level at two hundred percent! Cheer bursting at ten billion horsepower! Transform!

Moon Eternal, Make Up! Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss! I am the sailor-suited pretty soldier of love, courage, and justice, Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you!


The paragraph in parentheses is contained in the audio version of the prologue, but not the written version.

Saturdays at 7 o’clock is the time Sailor Moon was originally aired in Japan.

Poem for Eternal Sailor Moon/Tsukino Usagi

  • Scenario and composition by Miura Kouji
  • Performed by MITSUISHI Kotono
  • Translated by Kurozuki

I want to see you.

On nights that are a bit lonely, I close my eyes softly.

Your chest is so warm when you embrace by back gently. Just by that warmth, I know it’s you.

You did stay by my side after all. You’ve always watched over me.

It’s kind of embarrassing, but burying my face…

I slowly close my eyes, feeling filled with your warmth.

The scent of the gentle sun. Even like this, I feel you near me.

Hold me more, and tangle my hair.

I like you… I like you a lot… I love you… Oh, but, I don’t know any stronger words…

How irritating.

Wrapped in the soft scent of the sun, I can be very gentle… And being gentle, I can still persist and go on.

I’m not strong. I’m… a careless, thoughtless girl, and I’ll never be able to become well-behaved…

I’m just persevering, full of spirit.

That’s all…

I’m not lonely.

You’re watching me. You’ll hold me tight. So I’ll be all right…

On nights when the moon is so pretty I start wanting to cry, I close my eyes softly. I close my eyes softly. So…

I’ll be all right…

…I’ll be all right.