Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R Music Collection

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First issue Second issue Third issue
Columbia COCC-10705 COCX-36149 COCC-72266
Released April 1, 1993 March 17, 2010 (HQ CD) Jan 21, 2015
2800 yen 2500 yen 1296 yen
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Like many anime soundtracks, not all musical cues from this season were included on this collection (this Anime News Network article may help explain). Additional music cues were released on Sailor Moon Music Collection Extra Version and Memorial Music Box Disc 3.

Track List / MP3 Downloads
1. Otome no Policy (“A Maiden’s Policy”) / Lyrics
Performed by ISHIDA Yoko
2. Yuujou, Soshite Ai (“Friendship and then Love”)
3. Makaiju (“Hell Tree”)
4. Watashi ga Tatakau (“I’ll Fight”)
5. Kiyoku, Akaruku, △×□§ ··· (“Clear, bright, ?”)
The first two kanji are the beginning of a traditional Japanese phrase – “Clear, Bright, Beautiful”. The final word is printed in Unicode symbols on both the original and reissued CD.
6. Atatanaru Teki (“New Enemies”)
7. Tsuiseki wa Bouken no Hajimari (“The Chase Begins the Adventure”)
8. Tsuki wa Mite iru (“The Moon is Watching”)
9. Kanashimi wo Yuuki ni Kaete (“Changing Sadness Into Courage”)
10. Suki to Itte (“Say You Love Me”) / Lyrics
Performed by ISHIDA Yoko