Sailor Moon: Live Action Series

These are the albums released for the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon tokusatsu TV series (2003-2004). Background music was released on the DJ Moon CDs and Moonlight Real Girl: OST Rare Track Collection.

There is a great deal of duplication across the CDs released for this series. Therefore all the music files are listed on a single page with each track provided only once to avoid having to download the same song multiple times. The Music Data pages provide the complete details for every CD including kanji and performers. The complete list of lyrics is available here.
Dear My Friend and Complete Song Collection
DJ Moon 1
Radio Play/Soundtrack
DJ Moon 2
Radio Play/Soundtrack
DJ Moon 3
Radio Play/Soundtrack
Moonlight Real Girl Box Set

Disc 1: Rare Track Collection
Disc 2: Special Radio Program DJ Moon
Disc 3: Aino Minako: “I’ll Be Here”

Kirariā˜†Super Live Special
Koro-chan Packs