Sailor Moon S Scene & Poem – Sailor Chibimoon/Chibiusa Tsukino

Prologue and Poem for ChibiUsa from Sailor Moon S Uranus-Neptune-Chibimoon-Plus (Yume wo Ijimenaide)

Performed by Kae Araki
Translated by Dan Boccia

Scene III: ChibiUsa, Kitto Mitsukeru yo (“ChibiUsa, Surely We Will Find You!”)

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Bom, bom, bom! Luna-P ball in hand, the girl from the moon! Neither kings, horses, or soldiers will ever be the same!

Once a parrot laid an egg, and it hatched into a cute little chick. The newborn chick was small, so small, that it shivered as if it were a leaf in the wind. I gave the parrot water and food every day. Soon the chick grew bigger! Now there are lots of green flowers blooming, so as soon as it pokes its head out, it’s sure to fly off happily. A grown up parrot. A fine, grown up, lady parrot. But when the parrot does grow up, it’ll make me a little sad. When the chick’s mother was herself a chick… and when her mother was a chick, I remember it.

I want to become a lady soon myself. A lady like Mama! Since she was young, my Mama has treasured the memento from my Papa, and always keeps it in her pocket. And like a rabbit popping out of its hole, here I am in this era!

Yahoo! Sorry to keep you waiting! The pink-haired super Idol is here! You guys haven’t forgotten about ChibiUsa, have you? Ikuko-mama, Kenji-papa, and brother Shingo! And, even though I still can’t believe it, Usagi who is really Sailor Moon. Everyone is so kind, I love the Tsukino family of this generation! Though I love my 30th century home in the Crystal Palace just as much!

But, no matter which age I’m in, no matter which home I’m in, I always feel like I’ve forgotten something important in the era I’m not currently in. Like I left something really important behind in the other era. My Papa in the future, King Endymion told me to “try and find that forgotten thing on my own.” “When you no longer need it, I think you’ll become a wonderful lady.” “But you have to find it yourself!” That’s what the King said.

Neither kings, horses, or soldiers will ever be the same! Bom, bom, bom! Luna-P ball in hand, the pink-haired girl! Luna-P smiling a sneering smile, and I with the same smile. So I’ve come back to this era to find my lost thing. I think next time I meet that parrot, I’ll be a wonderful lady too!


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Sometimes I feel like I’m locked in a toy factory. No matter how I called or cried, no one would come to help me. I felt tired and sleepy for some reason, perhaps the fault of the afternoon pool. From somewhere, a tiny breeze was born and came through. It was really good at tickling my nose and eyelashes. With that, I closed my sleepy eyes and slept. Please don’t surprise me, right now I feel like I’m flying along on a carpet. Cushy, with an Arabian motif. And there’s this genie boy, who comes out of a lamp with a poof. He looks at me with a smile and says, “You really are lucky! What should we do? Today is a festival that only comes around once every million years!” A gentlemanly bear with a ribbon tied round his neck, along with a good-natured rabbit wearing a dress. Everything is super lively below the balcony. While adjusting the turban wrapped around his head, the genie says, “Now, come with me!” A flower-like gondola waits for us. My heart skips a beat. What to do? What if there’s a jeweled box? Though I looked with all my might, there wasn’t a jeweled box anywhere. Oh yeah, this is an Arabian country, so there wouldn’t be a jeweled box here. After that I got really happy, and learned an Arabian dance while fireworks went off. I got many rare candies and beautiful fruit. Before I knew it the sky began to turn purple. The time for us to part ways drew closer. The genie boy from the lamp averted his eyes, then looked down. “Okay, let’s take a picture to remember.” Said a man with a black beret, coming to us suddenly with a smile. He puts us close together like lovers, with the sky behind us as a pretty backdrop. And then as the camera flashed like lightning, and I gasp in surprise. My heart in my throat I sat up on my white bed, as the wind fluttered the pages of a book.

Translator’s note: “jeweled box” is loosely translated from “tamatebako”, which can mean jewel hand box, treasure box, or casket.