Memorial Music Box Disc 3:
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R Music Collection

Music Box Disc 3 Cover

Columbia COCC-14787
Released Feb 21, 1998
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Some music from SMR is included on later discs: Disc 8 track 21-1, Disc 8 track 21-2, in addition to musical cues only released on the Sailor Moon R Music Collection track 3-3, SM R Music Collection track 5-4, SM R Music Collection track 8-3, Music Collection Extra Version track 9-1, and Music Collection Extra Version track 11-2.

Track List / MP3 Downloads
1. Senshi no Kioku (“Soldier’s Memories”) (M101, M133)
戦士の記憶 (M101, M133)
2. Otome no Policy ~Instrumental Version~
乙女のポリシー ~インストヴァージョン~
3. Usagi (M113, M107)
うさぎ (M113, M107)
4. Hottokenai yo ~Instrumental Version~
ほっとけないよ ~インストヴァージョン~
5. Ail to An (“Ail and Ann”) (M129C, M123D, M130)
エイルとアン (M129C, M123D, M130)
6. Makaiju (“Hell Tree”) (M132, M127)
魔界樹 (M132, M127)
7. Black Moon (M126, M125, M131, M131B)
ブラックムーン (M126, M125, M131, M131B)
8. R Eyecatch Ongaku (“R Eyecatch Music”) (J11, M105A)
Rアイキャッチ音楽 (J11, M105A)
9. Usagi to Mamoru (“Usagi and Mamoru”) (M117, M117B, M120, M119)
うさぎと衛 (M117, M117B, M120, M119)
10. Suki to Itte ~Instrumental Version~
好きと言って ~インストヴァージョン~
11. Chibiusa (J10, M135, J12B+F5B, M105B)
ちびうさ (J10, M135, J12B+F5B, M105B)
12. Sabishisa o Koete (“Beyond Loneliness”) (M114, M114B, M115+M118)
さびしさを越えて (M114, M114B, M115+M118)
13. Sailor Pluto (M103, M103B, K1)
セーラープルート (M103, M103B, K1)
14. Kuroi Tsuki, Soukougeki (“Black Moon, All-Out Attack”) (M129A, M116, M134B, M134, M123)
黒い月、総攻撃 (M129A, M116, M134B, M134, M123)
15. Moon Crystal Power Makeup (M109, M136, M110, M111)
ムーンクリスタルパワーメイクアップ (M109, M136, M110, M111)
16. Ai (“Love”) (M122, M121)
愛 (M122, M121)
17. Yuuhi (“Setting Sun”) (M108, M106)
夕陽 (M108, M106)
18. “Otome no Policy” TV Size
「乙女のポリシー」 TVサイズ
Performed by ISHIDA Yoko / Lyrics
19. R Yokokuhen Ongaku (“R Preview Music”) (M110)
R予告編音楽 (M110)
20. Otome no Policy ~ March Version ~
乙女のポリシー ~マーチヴァージョン~

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